"Not only is the food amazingly good, the friendly staff made me feel like I was right at home.

Those who are looking to try out legit vegetarian food for the first time, I would highly recommend the Pumpkin Penne and the Zucchini Hummus Wrap!"


"I had the Curry Chicken Wrap ($11.50) which was surprisingly quite tasty, since I expected it to taste ‘healthier’.

Added with Japanese cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes and raisins… (wait raisins? Could be British or Indian influenced), the wrap was prepared fresh so the fillings were warm and moist."

- Daniel Food Diary

"Even you don't intend to have a meal, there are very decent coffees are served at Fifty50 from Allpress Espresso but what I really miss is its Seven Spice Chai ($5).

Mildly sweet, it was such a comforting post-meal drink. Highly recommended if you are always looking around for a decent Chai Latte. "

- SGFoodOnFoot